Custom Fabricated Phantom Cove Lighting

is individually constructed to lend an exciting new dimension to every room of your residence. Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you in the selection and design of the cove lighting system that will compliment your residential or commercial coves, incorporating our bedrock principle...

"See the light, not the fixture."

We provide unique lighting solutions for Cove Lighting in top tier residential and commercial properties. Phantom combines the latest LED Strip Lighting technology with over a quarter century of experience in designing and building specialized linear strip lighting for custom installation using Xenon Strip Lights, festoon LED cove lights for inclusion in our light strips or for replacement of lights in existing cove lighting strips. Our years of successful experience in cove lighting design gives us the unique capability to design our products with the goal of making them easy to install right out of the box. They fit perfectly because they have been made to the exacting specifications provided by the custom builder, architect or lighting design professional.

Whether the room is rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or any other shape, Phantom can design and fabricate the cove lighting system to exactly fit the architecture. Even if the cove is circular, oval or contains radius curves, we can provide the fixtures to precisely match these contours. Phantom Cove Lighting adds a new and exciting dimension to entry foyers, great rooms or family rooms, as well as accent lighting in bedrooms, studies and home offices.

As our name suggests, Phantom Lighting is intended to be hidden from view in a way that creates the desired illumination without revealing the source of the light within the cove space. We have special mounting trims that conceal and contain the light and also direct the light onto the ceiling or walls at the optimum angle for best lighting results. Even if clearances are very tight, our closely spaced light sources assure a smooth homogeneous light distribution without discontinuities or irregularities.

Contact us today for expert consultation on the Phantom Lighting products that will be tailor made for your cove lighting requirements. We'll explain the differences between our Classic Phantom and new ELITE LED cove lighting options and assist you in the selection of the best way to light all the coves in your residence or commercial space.

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