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Phantom Lighting is a manufacturer of Custom cove Lighting systems for accent lighting and indirect room lighting in top tier residential and commercial properties. Phantom combines the latest LED Strip Lighting technology with over a quarter century of experience in designing and building specialized linear strip lighting for use in such areas as great rooms, home theaters, kitchens and entry foyers. We offer a variety of cove Lighting options for both straight sections as well as those requiring flexible sections to conform to radius curves.

Custom Cove Lighting We are the innovative leader in traditional Xenon cove Lights, LED festoon lamps for inclusion in our new cove light strips or for replacement of lamps in existing cove lighting strips, as well as the newest integral LED tape lights. Our years of successful experience in cove lighting and cove lighting design gives us the unique capability to design our products with the goal of making them easy to install right out of the box. They fit perfectly because they have been made to the exacting specifications provided by the cove maker, architect or lighting design professional.

LED Cove Lights Phantom Lighting is a subsidiary of Illuminations Lighting Design, a Houston based lighting design/build firm, providing interior and outdoor lighting design and installation services for upper echelon residential and commercial clients. Phantom's new product development activity benefits greatly from the association with Illuminations' installation teams, who provide invaluable feedback for product quality control and design improvements. This assures that we keep our commitment to our customers, in that we will always maintain the highest quality standards and continue to design our products from the installer's perspective.

What Is Cove Lighting Contact us today for expert consultation on the Phantom Lighting products that will be tailor made for your cove lighting requirements. We'll explain the differences between our Classic Phantom and new ELITE LED cove lighting options and just what is cove lighting to assist you in achieving the lighting effect you desire.

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